Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Break 2011

Fall break was so fun this year! We kept so busy, and it was SOOOO much fun having Allie home with us all day. We miss her when she's at school so we made the most of having her home. Danny's birthday was at the beginning of the week, so we invited some friends over for dinner and games. Danny is incapable of being serious, so he told his friend that it was a costume party, and since it was also Columbus Day, Danny told him to come dressed as his favorite ship. So, here's Ryan, always the good sport, who showed up as the Pinta.

18 kids on a trampoline is totally safe, right?

The kids playing Reverse Charades

Lily and her friend Oakley

Some of the guys playing Reverse Charades. If you haven't played it, you really should. It's a blast.

My little Mozart at the Children's Museum
Dylan and Emily playing with a wall size Lite Brite also at the Children's Museum.
A day at the zoo is always fun. Our group took up the whole train. I'd never been on the train but was glad we did it. It was of course quite hot, so it was a fun way to see a lot.

Then we went to Disneyland for four days. Totally randomly we ran into some of our really good friends from Gilbert there, who were just there for one day. That was super fun!

My two little princesses. I love how much they love Disneyland!

Lily loves the Toon Town roller coaster. I have the same picture of Allie who has not quite as thrilled of a look on her face. I think Lily will be our little daredevil.

We wished the kids had worn their Halloween costumes when we saw Shadow Man. The three of them were characters from Princess and the Frog.

Saw World of Color finally, and it was sooooo awesome. Def a must see.

It was such a fun week, I was sad to see it end. I wish we had Fall Break once a month.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Washington D.C.

In September Danny had to go out to Washington D.C. for a work conference, so we took advantage of that and took all the kids with us to have a little vacation and see some family and friends while we were there. It was a short visit, but so worth it. After we arrived, Danny had to take off immediately to go to his meetings so we went to my sisters house for a few days. The first night one of my favorite people in this whole world, Carrie, came to hang out with us. It was so great to see her and I'm so glad she came out to Herndon to see us. We love you Auntie Carrie!The kids had a great time playing together. Since we don't live near family we just live for times like this where we get to see them.
Two of my beautiful nieces, Aya and Yumi.
Dylan likes Auntie Hil's house.

We went to the National Zoo. It was POURING down rain the entire time but luckily there is a lot of inside stuff. This giant fish thing didn't come out so well because of the flash but more importantly are those cute smiles on those little three year old's faces.

Lily and her new friend.

We got to see PANDAS!! My favorite!

Playing at the park

Next we went to the Museum of Natural History, which is always fun. I love how goofy the girls like to be.

Allie was intrusted with my camera and took some great shots of Hilary and I. I love my sister!

Allie with a big White House in the background

The new MLK Memorial had just opened. Super cool.

After a few fun filled days, we went over and met up with Danny at his conference. He was staying near this harbor which had this sculpture of a giant coming out of the ground. Super neat.

Then we headed to Maryland for a two day visit with Danny's sister Mindy. It was sooo fun to see where she lives, her house, town, etc. Maryland is literally one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Although it was a short trip, we had a GREAT TIME. I can't wait to go back!