Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

Something we all look forward to each summer is the Stansfield Family Reunion. So many people all packed into one place. This is the second year that we went to Bear Lake, which is great because there is so much to do and we have access to a GIANT house, where we all have plenty of space. 18 little cousins running around made for a lot of fun. Bear Lake is absolutely gorgeous too, and between the lake, pool, ATV's, games, talent show, great food, we never got bored, that's for sure. Thanks to all of the Utah people who went to all the effort to plan the reunion, and for everyone else for finding their way across the country to get everyone together.

Move it or lose it!

I was so proud of my girls. Lily went with me on the Jet Ski, and then Allie went tubing with me! It's so fun to be able to do adventurous stuff with your kids.

Allie getting thrown in by her uncles

These two love each other! Cute little Libby.

Lily and Charlotte

Dylan signaling "GOAL!" after one of the bigger boys scored. It was cute he sat and watched the whole soccer game and copied them as much as he could.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Visit With Friends

On our way up the Stansfield family reunion in August, we stopped overnight at our friends house in Springville. This family is literally one of the greatest families on the planet and we had a fun time catching up. They moved away from Arizona about a year and a half ago, and we have just not been the same since. Thanks guys for letting us spend an awesome (but short) time at your beautiful home!

Dylan got to meet a new little buddy
He is quite handsome

Lily and her best friend Emma were so happy to see each other

Caitlin is the super big sister who immediately took control of Dylan

It would appear that Allie is the oldest here, but Caitlin is a little on the shorter side, and Allie is on the taller side. She's 2.5 years older. Allie and Abby are BFF.