Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Day of Swim Team

Swim team started this week, and it is so fun. They get great exercise and have tons of fun! It's 5 times a week, so I think they'll be ready for the Olympics after this summer...

Arizona Grand Resort

We had such a fun time last weekend. We met a few other families at the Arizona Grand Resort. Way fun! There's this awesome water park, complete with wedgie inducing water slides, lazy river, wave pool, the works. The kids had a blast, to say the least. We had AWESOME food, pedicures for the ladies, and seriously such a fun time. Thanks friends for some good memories! It's great that there are so many fun things to do so close to home. I am totally overwhelmed this summer by how to even do half of the activities that are available to us. Every day there are tons of fun fun things. So far it's been an action packed summer, but hope to have some really chill relaxing days that we just play at our own pool. Lily has gotten to be a good little swimmer. She dives to the bottom of the pool over, and over, and over, and over again. Allie has started swim team at Val Vista Lakes, which she loves. Anyway this little staycation was an AWESOME way to start a fun and busy summer.

Preschool Musical!

We have a graduate in the house! From preschool anyway... Allie had an awesome year at Education Station, and her teacher Mrs. Lunt will be missed. The highlights of her week were the days she got to go to preschool. She loved learning about insects, learning the alphabet in sign language, tons of great songs, got even better and reading and writing, got to do awesome crafts, grow a garden, raise butterflies and had an ant farm. Next up? KINDERGARTEN!!

Arizona Ducks Eat Tortillas

My kids LOVE ducks. I don't know why, I can't stand birds to be honest. But they love feeding them. And ducks this close to the border apparently prefer tortillas. Says Lily anyway... Ole!!

We love living so close to the lakes. Even though they're man made, water's water, right? Speaking of lakes, the kids and I trekked up to Apache Lake this weekend, and joined up with Girls Camp for a few hours. How have I lived here this long and not been up there? Un-Be-Lievable. So gorgeous. Danny had to be in Las Vegas for a few days, but we're taking him up next chance we get. Love it! I'll post pictures from that shortly.