Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Green Egg...and Ham"

We had another great Easter this year. In continuing with the Stansfield Family tradition, we dyed Easter eggs and raced them down a hill. This year we had some our GREAT friends the Garners join us. They are the best, and little three year old Taft one fair and square. The Easter bunny also visited our house, and the kids of course loved that. What did we do on Easter before we had kids?? I honestly don't even remember. Anyway Allie has got the real meaning of Easter down by now, but it sure makes it more fun when chocolate egg laying bunnies are involved. The Easter Bunny has a strange sense of humor, hiding eggs in prickly places.
It's hard to smile when you've got a mouthful of jelly beans. But she tried.
All of the eggs for our races got great names. Danny had one that he dyed bright green and it's name was "...and Ham." I thought it was cute.
"Ooooooh!!!" Dylan's most favorite thing to say.

These two boys will hopefully one day be part of the family... if Allie and Lily play their cards right.
The racecourse. It was not until later that we looked back at pictures that we realized that the race track had some R rated graffiti painted on it. In red, by Lily... What can you say. The park we went to WAS in Mesa...

Dylan and his girlfriend Emily. She waits on him hand and food. She feeds him food and brings him drinks. All she asks for in exchange is his pacifier.

Bunch of cute kids.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lately We've Been...

Planning a Luau
(My friends held Dylan and watched the kids the entire time since Danny was out of town... Thanks everybody!)

Getting hair cuts

Enjoying being royalty at Pre School

Eating cheese-its

Exploring far off lands

Painting bar stools

Going on bike rides

Chilling with massive bunnies

Playing with friends

Seeing our Auntie!!!
(Lucky us got to see Monique for lunch one day last week while she was in town for work.)

Nearly hitting a turtle in the car and bringing him home to swim in the pool
It was one of those days where I needed to post a few pics from my phone. I know they're not the greatest quality, but the people in them sure are. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

You Say Goodbye... I Say Hello!

Last weekend we traded in the X5 for a Lexus GX470. Lily keeps hugging it and saying "I love you white car." Allie's favorite thing about it, two separate DVD players. My favorite thing about it... everything! It was finally time for something with 7 seats, and as much as I loved the beamer, it was time for something new. We'll miss you gold car!