Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happily Ayer After

My sister and her kids (The Ayers) came to visit us last week. It was soooo fun, and we were sad to see them go. The kids had a blast, and I loved having my sister for a week. We kept busy doing projects, going on adventures, swimming, and having tons of fun. Thank you guys for coming to visit! Come back soon!!!!
They went to church

They went to the park

They did dressups and danced

They jumped on the tramp

They were silly

They ate cinnamon rolls

They fed ducks

We went to the Riparian Preserve to play and see ducks and turtles

Like mother like daughter. This is for you Carrie!

The ring leader

Emi the good

Cute cousins

Mr. Handsome himself

My sister is awesome. She is pregnant and she still hauled two girls across the country to come visit.

Playing at the pool

Dylan and his personal assistant Allie, who is ALWAYS nearby

Fireworks were a fun way to spend their last night, until Allie dropped one and grabbed the wrong end trying to catch it, and got second degree burns on her fingers. She's doing better though.

Back from the Urgent Care, all fixed up.
Thanks for coming you guys! We loved having you!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dylan 0-9 Months

Our little Dylan is such an important part of our family! We just would not be complete without him. He's so cute and sweet and happy. I got a new computer last month, when ours crashed suddenly. Luckily the hard drive was salvaged, and I've spent the greater part of a week transporting movies from the old computer to the new. Made me realize how thankful I am that I've been documenting these kids' lives as much as I have. (And thankful to Best Buy for saving everything!) They grow so fast. I decided to play around with iMovie and make my first video of Dylan Gard Stansfield. Enjoy!


Last month we met our wonderful friends the Nielsons at Disneyland for a few days. Our kids had never been, and Danny had gotten us annual passes for my birthday, so this was our first (of many) trips! It was SOOOO fun. Danny and I (pre kids) had annual passes and went a thousand times, and of course working at Disney World, I have a deep love for all things Disney. We went for three days, and the kids all had a great time. It was so fun to go and meet up with our friends who we hadn't seen for several months. All the kids got along great, as usual, but it was especially sweet for Allie to be reunited with her best friend. They were all so cute dressed up as princesses. Thanks for the memorable trip guys! We were also really proud of how well they all traveled and everything. It really encouraged us do this trip more often. This weekend for example! :) And any other weekend that anybody wants to meet us there let us know! We have to get our money's worth on these passes.

Outside their favorite ride "It's a Small World"

Loving Tinkerbell

We LOOOOVED the Aladdin Show!

Dylan and Mr. Toad

The girls loved seeing Pocahontas. She was really sweet with them.