Friday, December 31, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka

We had yet another amazing trip to Hawaii before Christmas. It was so nice to be there. We love where we live, but there's just something about Hawaii which always just seems like home. It's where it all started for Danny and I, and it'll always be so special to us. We stayed with Danny's parents, who although were not going to be having Christmas at home, spent a week decorating their house for us and making it extremely festive. They totally spoiled us, and it was soooo hard to leave. We had a wonderful time though, and the girls just love the beach. We spent a lot of time there, and Dylan spent a lot of time back at home with Grandma. There were a lot of wonderful parts of the trip, but probably the coolest was that Allie got to train dolphins at the Kahala Hotel. She had a one on one session with a dolphin trainer, who taught her all sorts of hand gestures and commands that got the dolphins jumping and spinning and doing all sorts of cool tricks. She loved feeing them the most, and she even planted a big kiss right on one of their mouths. Thanks Mom and Dad Stansfield for a wonderful experience and a very memorable trip!
Lily and Daddy watching Allie train dolphins. It was really windy...
Dylan and Grandma
Allie learning about the dolphins from the instructor whose name was also Allie. A good omen I think. Before they even start they show them on a stuffed dolphin where they can and cannot touch. Totally cool experience.

Just sitting there holding a dolphin. No biggie.

If someone can explain to me why she was totally loving this, but is scared of hermit crabs, I'd be really interested.

They made the dolphin dance. So cute.
Grandma helping Lily Bug with some yogurt.
Allie and Grandpa riding the waves at Kahana
Just to show you that Dylan really was there, he's chillin with Grandpa

Hands off ladies.

Allie took this picture. Future photographer!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Allie's FIVE??!?!!!!

I don't know how it happened. I certainly did not authorize it. But, she went and did it anyway. She turned five. My baby, Allie turned five. I can't believe it. The worst day of my life is now rapidly approaching. The first day of Kindergarten. I am so dreading this day. Allie is my angel, my sweetheart, my perfect little girl, and now she's five and is going to be gone before I know it. OK I have to stop thinking about it. Anyways (said with a Nacho Libre accent of course) Allie had a great birthday. I adore this child, and so grateful for her, and for all of the great influences in her life that has made her the wonderful person that she is. Likely if you're reading this, you're one of those very people. So thanks! Just a few quick pix of the day....

After several years of spending hours making cool cakes, Allie told me that she'd rather have a cheesecake. Smart girl. We were going to go pick it out and this one caught her eye, so we went with it. Muuuuuch easier than an Elmo, Cookie Monster, Wall-E cake for someone who doesn't know how to bake (me).

Our neighbors were sweet to bring Allie some presents, and then they did fireworks in her honor. Since we can now buy fireworks in Arizona thanks to some law that just passed, they were more than eager to have an excuse to shoot off a few before New Years Eve.

I was proud of Allie, who has always been a little scared of fireworks because of the noise, was excited to do it, and with a little help from Danny did her first Sparkler! Yes she's doing it inside the garage which is probably not the safest place, right next to my car, but everyone is alive and the house is still standing.
Papa Ro, Dylan, and the birthday girl.

Allie and Grandma Glo getting matching I Heart New York socks from Auntie Hil.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Great Zebra Sleepover

Several months ago we scored this zebra tent at a garage sale. It's been a permanent fixture in the playroom, and Allie's favorite thing to play in. Zebras are Allie's favorite animal, and so it goes without saying that she was in heaven in this tent. For a while now, she and Grandma Glo had been planning a sleepover. When the night finally came, Grandma DID NOT disappoint. She came prepared with cute zebra jammies, zebra pillows, and packed up the zebra suitcase full of treats and activities for the sleepover. Allie had a blast. There are few things better than sleepovers, but even fewer than a zebra themed sleepover. They both put on their headlamps, got out their books, read to each other, chatted, ate fruit snacks, and had a good time. Thanks Mom for making such a fun memory!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

What an awesome Christmas we had this year. It all kind of started when we went to visit Danny's parents in Hawaii. They weren't having Christmas at home, but since we were coming, spent a week setting up all of their Christmas decorations and made their house so unbelievably festive for us. We came home, were lucky enough to have my sister Monique and her daughter Leah visit for a few days, and then we it was Christmas! Christmas with kids is just so fun. It's so wonderful explaning the true meaning of Christmas, and this year we got the message across even better by acting out the Nativity in our music video. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Santa came and spoiled us this year, but more than anything we just enjoyed being together, and having a fun and relaxing day together. I'm so excited because Danny surprised me by getting me a new camera, which I've been wanting for a while now, but seriously had no idea he was actually going to get it for me. Yay!
Lily helping Danny set up the Christmas tree. I know I'm from Oregon, and it's against the rules to NOT go cut down your own tree, but this fake was has been going strong now for 6 years.Awww. Love these kids. Dylan looks kinda sleepy, he had just woken up in time for the picture.

Dylan guarding the presents.
New jammies listening to "The Night Before Christmas"
Santa came!
Sisters helping little bro open up his present from his Auntie Moey.
"SNOW WHITE PEZ!!!" You woulda thought it was a new car, she was so excited.
The Grand Finale, a new trampoline from Grandma and Grandpa Stansfield. The kids weren't out 3 minutes on that thing before half the neighborhood was over jumping on it. They were crawling over the fence the minute they heard the action.
My happy girls.