Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pals

Thank you kids for being so great so I could take pictures of your cute faces today. Thank you Danny for being so awesome and helping us so much. Thank you Arizona for being so warm and beautiful. Thank you farmers for the great pumpkin patch. Thank you whoever for whatever the reason is that we celebrate Halloween.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Few Pics of the Fam

We had some family pictures taken at our reunion in Utah in August. I wish we had some that had everybody looking at the camera, but with three little kids, I guess that's not very practical. I'm hoping to get back into photography a little more. I love taking pictures of the kids, and just haven't spent as much time working on it as I'd like. My sister got her family pictures done the other day and they turned out so amazing and it just made me realize how much I enjoy taking pictures and how I REALLY want to be good at it. It's not something I want to do professionally at all, just for a hobby, but I have a renewed desire now to give it more time. Things are calming down more now, we're kind of in the groove of this whole 3 kids thing, and so my goal for this upcoming year will be to make more time for my hobbies and interests, along with my duties of being a mom to the three best kids in the world. I think for stay at home moms it's easy to get wrapped up in all the things that are involved with kids and keeping up with the house. Sometimes I forget that I have (or once had) other interests and goals and priorities that are not realated to kids. For me, my main priority is my family, no doubt, but I'm going to make more time for my other interests as well. This will probably mean that laundry may stack up a bit (more), or dishes won't get done right away, but I'm sure it will help me feel more fulfilled than keeping up on those chores do. I love how in this picture Lily is holding Dylan's hand. She adores her little brother, and he's becoming more and more tolerant of her 'over loving' these days.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monster Mash

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Danny's 10-10-10 Birthday

For a few years now Danny's been excited about his birthday that was going to occur on October 10th, 2010. I knew that I had to do something memorable for him. Several months ago I conspired with his 3 brothers and his dad to travel to Arizona and surprise him for his birthday. It worked out perfectly. Danny had no idea, and it was so fun to see him so shocked and so happy his family was here. Danny's dad arrived earlier in the day, and I went to the "gym" in the morning (by way of the airport) and he came walking in on Danny while he was checking his email. That afternoon the three of us went Indoor Skydiving, which if you haven't done it, you have to. It's a blast, so fun. Kinda tricky, but definitely an adventure. Here's a little video of us. It's just from my little camera and so I ran out of room on the memory card taping Danny, so there's not too much of him, but he was REALLY good at it. Like really good. Me, not so much, but it's still fun.

Danny, my father-in-law, Randell Stansfield, and I,outside the wind chamber.

Then later that evening Danny's brothers who had driven from Utah all day showed up at our front door. I'm so grateful they all made the trip, and it was SO much fun having those guys here for the weekend. The hiked, we played volleyball, went swimming, played games, hung out, and just had a good time. Sunday, Danny's actual birthday, was Dylan's baby blessing (which had been planned, he just didn't know his family would be participating). It was a great day. It was Danny's birthday last year that I found out I was pregnant, so it was neat that he was blessed exactly one year later.

Happy birthday Danny! Hope it was a good one!