Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bear Lake or Bust

Last month we were lucky enough to spend a week at Bear Lake, Idaho. Ok if you haven't been, you have to go! It was BEAUTIFUL! My brother in law Nate hooked us up with the most amazing house overlooking the lake, and he organized an extremely fun Stansfield family reunion. We had a blast. We had ATV's that we cruised around on, went out on the boat, played at the fun clubhouse, ate a ton, played games, and just hung out. It was so much fun, and thank you thank you thank you to everyone for coming and for those of you who planned and did all the work, we really appreciated it and had a blast. I was lucky to marry into such a great family. I took probably 900 pictures at the reunion, mostly of all the gorgeous kids, but since I can't post them all now, I'll just do a few. Family: you will have to wait to see the rest on next year's video. :)

Allie's "Brother-Cousin" Stephen who she thinks she's marrying. If he says "no" she plans on marrying Dylan. Stephen is a total goofball and like all of her cousins SOOOOO sweet to my girls.

Some super cute boys

Allie and Danny riding the ATVs. Danny's practicing good parenting skills by making sure he is properly protected while on a dangerous vehicle.

Allie and Libby. Libby's expression and pose cracks me up. She's a princess.
You're right, there has never been a cuter picture. Ever.
My little Lily Bug
Some good looking kids. They must have hot parents.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lately I've Been...

So the last couple of weeks have been productive. I took on yet another extremely large painting project at my house. Painting interior paneled doors. I thought I'd do the downstairs one day, and the upstairs the next day. I suppose I forgot to remind myself that I have three kids to also take care of, and 7 days later I finally had the downstairs done. I don't have it in me right now to do the upstairs, so it will have to wait. It looks a lot better though, so that's good. Dylan is three months now. There has never been a boy that received as much attention as Dylan does. He has his sisters attention CONSTANTLY. I just had to laugh because yesterday we gave him a bath and afterwards Allie, Lily and I were all giving him a full body massage and he was just loving it. He's quite the ladies man. He's gotten very smiley and is quite happy. He's starting to sleep longer, which makes me happy as well. Allie has become my #1 helper. She takes care of Lily non-stop. She takes her to the bathroom, washes her hands, gets her dressed in the morning, brushes her hair, gets her ready for bed, and everything in between. I don't know how many four year olds that actually make their mother's lives easier, but she certainly does. She's always running up and down the stairs getting things for me, taking care of Dylan, and never hesitates to do anything I ask her to do. I'm not sure I'll be able to give her up to the Gilbert school system next year. She, however, is quite ready to go to kindergarten, and is thoroughly enjoying her preschool. Lily is such a happy little girl. I hate to say it out loud but she may be 'out' of the terrible twos already. Not sure, it could turn around at any time I'm sure. She is very talkative, and several times a day she says "Mommy, es what?" (Mommy guess what?) When I say "What Lily?" she says, "I of ooo!" (I love you!") Needless to say that makes my day and she can get or do whatever she wants ever, as long as she keeps that up. I've been trying to exercise as much as I can. I'm ready to lose my "Dylan weight" now, so any chance I get I try to do something active. We've been swimming a lot, playing with friends, and just overall keeping busy. I've started having the girls help me in the kitchen, which has turned out to be more fun and less disastrous than I predicted. They help me load and unload the dishwasher, and anytime I am making something that requires measuring cups and stuff they pull up their stools and take turns helping me. Allie cracks eggs like a pro, and Lily's very careful pouring and mixing. It's been fun. I've had a renewed interest in photography as well. Maybe it's because Danny has offered to get me a new camera soon, or maybe it's because I have a cute new baby to take pictures of. Whatever it is it's been fun, and I'm finally really learning how to operate my camera. Only has taken me 4 years. Not bad. Sounds like my "me time" is up. Dylan is not so calmly asking for my attention, so I'd better go.