Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Redecorating

Last month Danny's Mom came into town, and we tackled a much needed decorating project. When we moved here from Utah we got rid of so much furniture so we could fit into our little rental that we had before we bought our house, that when we moved here we had quite a bit of unoccupied space. The living room had absolutely zero furniture in it for the first 6 months that we lived here. I kept saving it for a time that she could come out to visit and we could work on it for a few days. She's a great decorator, and it turned out to be a very fun project. In three days we turned our living room from this:Into this:We had fun going all over Phoenix rounding up everything to complete this room. I painted a few cucumber green accent areas too, which turned out great, and go really well with the rest of the room. We started out at Ikea, thinking we found all kinds of great things, but then we went to Pier One, and totally changed the theme and style of the whole room. We did pick up that couch at Ikea though, and it was funny cause we were positive it was brown, as it was advertised as brown, but then we got it home and it turned out to be more of an 'eggplant' color. We were soooo nervous as we'd picked out the curtains, chairs, that chest, etc... but it turned out to match totally perfectly. Brown would have actually clashed quite a bit, so it was awesome. Anyway we were so proud of ourselves for conquering this room in such a short amount of time, with two little girls in tow. Thanks Mom Stansfield for all of your help! This was an extremely fun project to work on with you!
After spiffing up the living room, I was really ready to make some changes in the kitchen. When we moved in we had upgraded the appliances, but I was still unhappy with the cabinets. We debated what to do, as they were in very good condition, just weren't crazy about the color. I knew we'd never do a very good job painting them, and that it would take us weeks, if not longer, to paint them. So we decided to hire someone to do them, and are so glad we did. What would have taken us forever, took them about 3 hours, and our kitchen went from this (before we moved in):To this:To THIS!

We are very happy with it. I knew that going black would be kinda risky, but we loooooove it and are so glad that we decided to paint, as opposed to replacing them all together.

We've done a few other things here and there. I painted baby Dylans room Carolina Blue, in support of Danny's Tarheels. We got a giant area rug that fills up the entire family room, making it much cozier, as opposed to the smaller not so cozy rug we'd had there before. There are always tons of projects, but we're excited with what we've gotten done so far.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Open Up Your Pants?

Danny reminds me that I forgot to mention a funny Allie moment the other day. We're driving somewhere, and Allie's singing Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours" on the top of her lungs, and she gets to the line:

"Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free"

And she goes... "Guys? How come it says 'open up your pants?'" (instead of open up your plans...) Ok so we about died laughing. By the way she doesn't say "damn" so don't worry. She says "man". :) Anyway it's just funny hearing your totally innocent four year old say such a funny thing.

This is actually my favorite version...

Easter Weekend Part Tres

If you've made it through the first two installments of my family's easter weekend, and have come back for the third, I know you REALLY love me. Really these pictures are for the benefit of my family (by the way sisters: some are kinda grainy for some reason but if you click on them you should be able to save them and hopefully they will look normal). Please enjoy the final pictures of our fabulous weekend.

My mom, Gloria
Danny leading the annual Stansfield Family Easter Egg Rolling Contest. (I won!)

Emi cheering me on.

Happy Lily Bug (Allie by the way informed my neighbor upon being asked that "Bug" was Lily's middle name.)

My sweetie and I dying eggs.
Allie and her daddy dying eggs
Dad, Allie and I dying eggs. Don't laugh. I'm pregnant and cannot be held accountable for how I look.

Leah was actually really happy but my camera was acting up and I didn't get one of these two in focus but they were being really cute.
About this part of the post I'm realizing how many Lily pictures I took. Who says the second child gets the shaft?
If you're looking for somebody who likes to pose for pictures, Allie's your girl.
Miss Leah Nicole who started walking today!!! Adorable Mayumi
Cousins with their Easter Egg Baskets.
Hunting for eggs

Fun Fun Fun weekend. Thank you family for coming and spending time with us. We enjoyed having you so much!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend Part Deux

Over the weekend we went swimming several times at the clubhouse. Our pool is just a few degrees too cold still, but the kids enjoyed playing in the sand a lot so it was the perfect place to go.
Yumi drying off
Allie being thrown by Danny
Hil and Mayumi being cute
Monique and Leah swimming
Allie, Papa Ro, and Grandma Glo.
Lily wanted to be thrown too.

Lily says "please" by giving you the cheesiest grin you'll ever see. Here's my mom giving her raisins, and practicing Lily's manners.

Leah and her hot mom

Mayumi is such a funny little girl. She loved playing at the pool with her cousins.
Allie playing in the sand.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend Part One

This last weekend my family came to visit. We had such a great time having them here. Hilary and her two cuties Mayumi and Emiko came first, then my parents showed up, then Monique and Leah. We spent a lot of time going on walks, swimming, playing games, eating, hanging out, etc. Not a whole lot of time sleeping, with 5 little girls in the house, but still it was way fun. I only took about 600 pictures of the week... so I'm going to have to divide up the posting a little.

Lily is a good kisser.

My parents with the girls before going inside the zoo.Sisters riding the horse. Our zoo is awesome. There are several splash parks and playgrounds throughout the place, but this is one of our favorite ones. Allie is really into "Little People".Grandma Glo and Emi the Good. Emiko is the most peaceful baby I have EVER met. Words do not describe how angelic she is. I love her so much.Lily and Papa Ro.Brushing the goats at the petting zoo.Hil and Emiko.Hilary, Mayumi, and a frog singing in the shower.What was so cool was seeing how much Lily was interested in Emi. She loved her, and was constantly snuggling up to her, kissing her, helping her with her pacifier. I had no idea how she'd interact with her new baby brother, so this was a fun sneak peek. She seems to have the same little mothering skills that Allie has.