Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soccer Goals, Purple Room, and Preschool

What a week this has been. Things have been GREAT. We've been fairly busy, working on projects around the house, playing with friends, and trying to get some much needed exercise. Allie made her mom and dad proud last Saturday by scoring her very first soccer goal. She took a great shot, and it went right in. We couldn't have been more excited. She was pretty happy too, but Danny was dancing around the sidelines, and missed filming it cause he shot his hands (with camera in one hand) up in the air. We love our little soccer girl. Here's a short video of some highlights from last weeks game. (minus her scoring a goal...) She's #2. Go Blueberries!

I painted the girls' room purple this week, and when Allie first saw it, she gasped and said "Mom, it's PERFECT" Talk about making it worth the whole day I spent on it. They love it, and Lily likes talking to her little 'counting sheep' that I put over her crib. It's cute.

The highlight of the week has definitely been the long awaited first day of preschool. I hadn't planned on putting her in preschool this year, since she'll be too young for kindergarten this next year, I figured I'd do just one year of preschool starting next year. Unfortunately she is the ONLY one of her friends not in preschool, so this was really hard for her. Her social schedule is very full, but got really bummed whenever I said we couldn't play with a certain friend because he or she was at preschool that day. She really wanted to go, so my friend Karen suggested getting a group of us together to do a rotating preschool. There are 6 kids, so we don't have to teach very often, just once every six weeks. I'm looking forward to teaching, but also will enjoy 6 hours a week, having Allie at a friends' house learning, and me running errands with just Lily. To say Allie loves it, would be a major understatement. She talks about it non-stop, and loves all of her little classmates and the songs and pictures and games they get to do. So, so far, thumbs up!

Lily's just perpetually adorable, and her three favorite people this week are Daddy, Elmo, and Spongebob. She really never watches TV, but that hasn't stopped her from pointing out "BuBob" and "Emo" everywhere she sees them. Be it on the go-gurt packages, or her Elmo diapers, or balloons in the store, she somehow knows exactly who these characters are. I guess she gets it from Allie, but Lily really only says about 10 words or so, so it's funny that these are two of them. She makes Danny's day whenever she sees him cause she screams out "Dada!!!!" You gotta love her.
Overall things are great. Other than the season premier of LOST last night... Well it wasn't bad so much as it just gets more and more strange and although some questions were answered, I feel like, as usual, more questions arose than were answered. Of course we'll never give up on the show, and we do love it, just had hoped for something a little more conclusive. We'll hang in there... You don't invest five years of your life into something and just give up on it, right?