Friday, January 22, 2010

You're in Luck

Often times, ones' day is not yet complete, without seeing the rear end of an unborn baby boy. Well folks, you're in luck. This is NOT one of those days for you. Here he is, mooning the world....(Auntie Carrie would be proud) introducing Baby Boy Stansfield. The third (and final) addition to the Stansfield Family. Due middle of June. We are all very excited. Feel free to submit name suggestions at this time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas 2009

What a great Christmas we had this year. Christmas is always so wonderful, and this year we were lucky enough to have my sister Monique, her husband Marc, and their cuteness Leah join us, along with my Mom and Dad. Hilary's family was of course invited, but she was busy with a two week baby of her own, so we excused her from the festivities this year. She was missed horribly, but we were more grateful that she had a healthy little baby girl and just kept her home safe. We kicked off the festivities a month early with our tradition of setting up the Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving.

Everyone arrived on Christmas Eve, and Marc and Danny entertained the girls with Twas the Night Before Christmas, and the kids got to open their new jammies. No, Lily hadn't been guzzling the spiked eggnog, she just was pretty tired.

Baby cousin Leah has completely perfected the art of being cute, and was a lot of fun to have around. Adorable and pleasant and sweet as can be. We loved getting to see her and get to know her better.

Christmas morning was of course very exciting. Allie was thrilled to receive a scooter. Luckily it only took my Dad and Danny about 7 hours to assemble. Thanks guys! And thanks shoddy directions.

My sisters and I had teamed up in producing some great gifts for my parents. My dad got a stellar tie that has his first four granddaughters on it.

My Mom got a homemade quilt that Hilary assembled for us, which was broken up into four quadrants, each quadrant had 16 onsies or shirts that each individual grand baby had worn. Monique stitched a great center piece that included the girls' names and birth dates. It was a hit. Nothing beats seeing your mom cry. :)

The day after Christmas we headed out for a hike. The weather was great as usual and it felt good to work off some of that Christmas Dinner.
Lily Bug and her new favorite doggy that Papa gave her. Her and Grandma Glo really got to bond, which surprised me cause she's normally such a mama's girl, nobody else is allowed to look at her, but she did great.
Allie and her buddy Uncle Marc. He's so much fun to have around.

Cousins in the tub.

The Heileson Family. We love you guys!Thanks Mom, Dad, Monique, Marc, and Leah for making the trip out here. We loved having you, and can't wait to do it again! (With Hilary of course!!)

Video footage that Monique took of the weekend.

A Funny Mayumi and Lily Moment

During a little photoshoot of the girls last April, I just thought this was a funny sequence of pictures between Mayumi and Lily. It shows their personalities really well. Yumi, a very inquisitive little girl, who likes to test her limits sometimes, starts pulling on Lily's headband. Lily then puts up with it for the most part, until she decides to just take Yumi's shoe and ignore her.

Click on the picture to enlarge for full effect.

Dr. Allie and Her First Brain Surgery

Guest Blogger! My mom, Gloria Johnson, sent me this little story about an encounter between her and Allie.


One of those moments that we say we should write down but often fail to do so. I couldn't let this one pass by....

While visiting in Phoenix she and 'Grandma Glo' were playing doctor. Allie was the doctor and I was the patient. She carefully examined all parts of my body declaring that I was in good health. (she didn't say, 'for an old girl' she recently saw a picture of Olivia Newton-John and thought it was ME) (the kid obviously gets major points from me for that one) Examining my head she looked in my left ear, I asked what she saw in there, she replied, "brains, lots of brains". I agreed that was good. She then looked in the right ear and said, "Oh dear, I don't see any brains in there". I told her I was quite concerned about that, as I really needed brains on both sides. She thought for a minute and went to the other side of the room, picked up a toy cell phone, punched in some numbers and said, "I have Grandma Glo here and she is missing some brains". "Yes", "OK", "uh uh", "OK thank you". She set the phone down and came back to my right ear and performed various maneuvers including a kiss and said, "OK Grandma Glo, you are all fixed now you have brains on this side too". I asked, "Allie who did you talk to?" the reply, "An assistant doctor".

Gloria Johnson

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Proud Parents

Today was Allie's first soccer game. I think Danny and I were more excited than she was, but she had a great time. Her favorite part was probably the snacks at halftime. At least there were no dandylions on the field for her to pick, and she stayed fairly focused while in the game. Her team, "The Blueberries", was so much fun to watch. We kept cheering really hard for her to kick the ball, and she did a few times. Once in particular she did one really big kick and she jumped in the air and pumped her fists into the air as if she had just won the championship. We were so proud of her for playing so hard and having fun at a game that Danny and I both love. Way to go Allie Brooke! Blueberries are 1-0!