Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

We all had a lot of fun this year for Halloween. We went to several events throughout the week, and the girls had a blast. Everyone in my neighborhood just sits outside their houses and hands out candy, and we had about 1000 trick or treaters. It was crazy! My next door neighbor put up a huge projection screen and showed movies, my other neighbor had a big old dinner for all the neighbors. It was fun. A lot different then our last years Halloween when we had two trick or treaters, and one of them was Allie. We love our new neighborhood, and it really made this years Halloween so much fun.

Allie, Lily, and our Pumpkin Family

Allie, Abby, and Emma at the Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse PartyLily giving Emma a little sugarUsLily is really a fan of the opened mouth kiss (who isn't?)Snow White and my Ladybug

My little Blazer Cheerleader