Monday, June 29, 2009

We Looked Everywhere for LaFleur...

I'd been wanting to go find the LOST Barracks the whole trip, so on one of our last days I talked Danny and his dad into going out to find it. It was totally exciting. I kept hoping that Kate or Ben would show up or something.
They actually do the filming at this YMCA camp, it's really pretty cool, and there were people (not others!) staying in the cabins while we were wandering around. We thought it was pretty funny that there was a sign pointing towards the Other's Villiage. Just in case anyone was confused....
On our way back from Kailua we drove by where the store the fuselage from LOST. Although it was covered, it was pretty exciting. I really don't know why. I am too hooked on this show, that's for sure.

Wrapping it up

Ok I need to just post a few more pictures from Hawaii to be satisfied. Then, I promise, that's it. Until next month when we go back that is... We had such a great time. Thanks to Mom and Dad Stansfield for having us, feeding us amazing meals, watching the girls, playing games, and being just overall the greatest hosts ever. We loved every minute of it.

Allie and Lily playing at the beach.
Allie and Deacon bodyboarding on Grandpa Stansfield

Ka'ena PointAllie and Brooklyn became good friendsWho can resist a happy baby?Lily and Danny discussing philosphyLily, loving the beach

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Dentures

Lily, age one, has no teeth. We have decided to have her fit with these vampire teeth. Problem solved.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily Lou!

We love you Lily Bug! Our family would not be the same without you. We love you more and more every day. Your sweet spirit and adorable smile makes me the happiest mommy in the world. I love you honey, and thanks for being my sweet little girl. - Mommy

Dear Lily. Let's spell Lily. L-I-Y-L. (close enough?) Thanks. Good job. Happy Birthday Sister! I love you. Um... I love Abby? (ok so this letter isn't going as planned.) I love Lily. Please come home to see me. Thank you for being a good baby sister. Thank you so, and I am really proud, so I can be a good girl and don't cry, but I want to cry, but I am happy all the world. Last day my bath was something good. I saw something really good. I saw a boy he can do something good too. When Daddy comes home let's play lava jumps. Happy Birthday Sister!! - Allie

Dear precious adorable Lilykins. ONE YEAR AGO.....!!!! After dropping sister Allie off at cousin Libby's house, Grandma Glo was careening through the streets of Salt Lake City while on the phone with your daddy as he was yelling, "hurry hurry she is ready to push"!!!!! I MADE IT JUST IN TIME! And at that very moment the world became brighter and a much better place. You are so much like your mommy, a gift, a ray of sunshine. But you have your own grandness too, nothing like anyone else in the world. I am so thankful to be your Grandma Glo. You are a nuggle bunny and that heart warming smile melts my heart. You are so patient and good but one the funniest things I see you do is how you put up with Allie's constant mauling and kissing all with a smile and then finally you let out a YELP!!!! (as if to say......can't want it ANYMORE)!!!! I Love you Lily Lou...LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU. Never forget it and HAPPY BIG ONE!!!!! - Grandma Glo

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hiking Crouching Lion

One of the best parts of our recent Hawaii trip was when we went on a hike up to Crouching Lion with my father-in-law. He knows the Ko'o'lau Mountains very well, and it was super fun to go up there. Danny and I had done quite a few hikes back when we lived there, but really hadn't done any that had such an amazing view. I can't wait until we go back in July, I'm dying to go up there again. It's just so peaceful and beautiful up there.

Danny always likes to find the highest and most dangerous place to pose from.

Danny and his dad being very macho. Up in those mountains there are a whole bunch of old World War I bunkers and hideouts. Back when we were in college we explored a few of them, but we hadn't been up to this one. This one in particular is currently somebody's home. Hey, you can't blame them... it's a great view at least! Plus they can keep watch for enemy ships.

Kahana ValleyMe and my boyfriendKahana Bay

Playing at the Beach

I love it that my girls love the beach as much as I do. It's so great that when we go, they aren't afraid of the water,or the sand, and just love playing. Lily did great on her first trip out there. She ate a bucket of sand at least, and didn't mind getting splashed around in the waves a little. More pictures to come.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Alligator Pond

One afternoon while the other kids were in school, and the babies were sleeping, we took Allie to the beach with Molly, and her son Deacon. Allie and Deacon are 6 months apart, and each trip out there she gets to know her cousin a little better. They played together really well this time. Molly is the luckiest person I know, and this is her backyard. It's this little place that has a little rock barrier (looks like an alligator) that kind of sticks out makes a perfect place for little kids to swim. No big waves our shore break. Deacon is a sweetie.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday

My sweet neice Brooklyn waited two days to have her birthday party when we could be there. Long story short, we were SUPPOSED to be in Hawaii two days earlier, but we missed our flight, rescheduled for the next day, then that flight was delayed, so we missed our connecting flight in San Francisco, didn't make the next flight since we were on standby, and had to stay overnight there before flying out the next morning. It was a miserable trip, but the time in Hawaii more than made up for it. Cute little Brookie is getting so grown up. She's six now, and just a sweetheart. We were so glad to be able to celebrate her birthday with her.
Right before the party, Danny and his dad took the kayaks out to go see some turtles. The live literally RIGHT across the street from the ocean. Behind all those bushes is the beach. They are sooooo lucky. They saw a bunch of turtles out there, and then first thing the next morning Danny took me out there to see some. It was so beautiful and it was fun because it was a little choppy so I felt extra hard core out there. We saw a handful of turtles as well.

Brooklyn is getting so grown up!

Poor little Allie had asthma problems the entire time we were there. Luckily my sister in law Molly had a nebulizer we could use, and that helped a lot. Her other little hero Reed, was sweet to take care of her, and even though she was sick and extremely tired, was still so kind to her as usual. By this time it was after midnight back home, and after traveling all day (and sitting in airports the previous two days) Allie had just about had it.