Sunday, May 31, 2009

Allie and Stephen

Our Hawaii trip last week was just incredible. I took almost 900 pictures, so it's going to take me a while to get them all up. Danny's sister Mindy, and her two awesome kids, Saren and Stephen, are staying with Danny's parents while her husband is in Iraq. (Go Steve!!) We were so excited to be able to spend time with them. What we didn't expect however, is how well Allie and Stephen would hit it off. I mean, both are great kids, but one is a 9 year old boy, and one is a 3 year old girl, who had only met once briefly, a couple of years ago. Well we were sure wrong. Stephen is such an amazing boy, and he and Allie just had so much fun. He was nice to put up with playing some of her more girly games, like House and Tea Party, and then she made it up to him by letting him soak her with the hose. I heard all this laughing and giggling out back, so I went out there, and he was just spraying her, and she was loving it. Soon they were both soaked and I was racing for my camera. It's so fun to watch kids play together, especially cousins. One of the best parts of the trip was watching this very unexpected friendship grow between these two kids. We miss you Stephen!

Allie about to spray Mindy and Danny.

Stephen encouraging Allie to spray me. Or maybe he's just hiding behind her. She got pretty crazy with that hose. I didn't really think she'd spray me...

I should have known better.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Grand Finale

Allie's favorite activity of the week has been her Princess Ballet and Tap Class. Sadly, it has come to an end. We'll be gone off and on this summer and just so busy that I think I will wait until the next session to enroll her again. She had so much fun. One thing I really like, is to see her learn things from other people. It's good to have her learn how to follow directions from another adult. (Not like she reallys follows mine...) Anyway for the last class they put on a little recital, and it was extremely cute. They tapped to "It's a Small World." Their teacher did a great job. No way I could handle a bunch of three year olds, let alone teach them anything. Maybe I'll post the video at some point, but for now I'll just put on some cute pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

We had such a great Easter this year. The girls got their Easter baskets in the morning, and each got a new dress to wear to church. After church, and a nice long nap, we had our good friends over and they joined us in the traditional Stansfield Family Egg Races. We decorated all of our eggs, and then each person selected their chosen egg to be their racer. We went out behind our house, found a good hill, and the games commenced. Danny ended up winning it all, a fact he was none to modest about.
Allie thrilled about getting Bolt. Apparantly the Easter Bunny likes the super hero doggy as much as she does.
Smiley little Lily Lou
Allie showing off her eggs and her 'scripture purse'. Every Sunday she informs Danny that he needs to find his scripture purse before we can go. She also tells him to put his dress on.
Happy girls
Allie and Dannydecorating their eggs. Danny's egg "Holy Roller" was the winner this year
Our friends the Nielsons were there. They can't get enough of us.
Abby, Caitlin, and Allie
Possibly the true reason for Danny's sucess was that he was manning the starting line.
Lily and her BFF Emma, who had just swiped Lily's pacifier.
All the girls. So cute.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cute Sisters

Ok Allie's probably getting a little too old to be putting naked pictures of online so this will be the last. But come on. How cute are these sisters? They just adore each other. There is no cuter sound then to hear the two of them laughing and playing with each other. It is so funny to see them come up with some random game. Usually Allie doing something strange, and then after Lily starts to laugh Allie will do it over and over, and by the 374th time they are both laughing so hard. I have a cute video I need to upload of them this week. Allie spitting a little toy blowdryer out of her mouth and you would have thought she was Jim Carey, Lily was laughing so hard.