Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing Leah Nicole Heileson

My sister Monique just gave birth to the darling little baby Leah Nicole. She is precious beyond words, and seeing her when she was just two days old is something that I will never forget. I love her so much, and am so proud of Monique who is doing such a great job. Her and her husband Marc are wonderful parents, and now they get to spoil this little sweetheart rotten. I love you baby Leah!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day of Merriment

There's nothing quite like a Renaissance fair that brings out the crazies. A couple of weeks ago we headed out to the two month long fair that they have here, and as bizarre as it was, we had a great time! It has some 500 employees working there, as characters in plays, performers, jugglers, jousters, royalty, etc, although I'd say at least half of the people attending the fair were also dressed up. Danny felt bad he left his green tights at home. ;) Next year we will definitely dress the girls up, I think they'd enjoy that. Anyway the performers were all really good, and everyone wandering around the villages were all in character the entire time. That was the best part for us. It wasn't like they thought their job was lame (which really it kind of is!) but they loooooove it! You can just tell! Sort of how when I worked at Disney World selling ice-cream and had to wear an outfit that resembled a tube of toothpaste some days. Lame yes, did I love it? YES! So I could understand where these people were coming from. So the fair was HUGE. I'm curious as to what they do with the fair grounds in the off season because we wandered around for a few hours and really didn't see even half of it probably. I can't imagine them tearing it down ever, so they must just leave it up year round. It's great though, we had a blast, and if you live in the area, I'd say its a must do!
This guy was an amazing juggler. Very entertaining and hilarious!

The jousting was really exciting. Obviously quite staged (I hope!) but it looks way hard so we were impressed.

Allie and I on an elephant. I was a little scared I'll be honest.

They had these hilarious rides, that were man powered, so someone pushed you, or in this case two people made this butterfly ride go in circles. It went really fast at one point and Allie was pushed up again the edge hanging on for dear life.Us with some of the locals.What? You've never seen a guy juggle a sword, apple, and chainsaw before? Weird!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Puerto Penasco

Right after new years we decided to head down to Mexico for a couple of days. It's not like we were really in search of nicer weather, because it had been beautiful weather here of course, and had been going to the pool every day, but we really wanted the beach. What we found was a little disappointing. I guess that's what you get when you live in Hawaii for 5 years. As Sinead would say, "Nothing compares..." But we had a great time eating some interesting food. And embracing the ghettoness of it all. Allie wasn't really interested in the beach a that much. It may have either been the freezing water, or the mysterious bone (hopefully not human) that we found. We're glad we went though. The first couple pics are actually on our drive down there... still in Arizona.

The happiest baby on earth.

The view from our hotel.

We forgot Lily's crib and considered letting her sleep here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allie's Three!

My baby girl is THREE. I don't know how on earth this happened. She is getting so grown up. Allie had a great birthday this year. She requested an Eve cake, from the movie Wall-E. Actually if we're being totally honest she asked for Wall-E himself, but uhhh... that was too hard, so I used my powers of suggestion to make her come up with Eve instead. Thank goodness. So my parents came out for her birthday, which is four days after Christmas, and it was GREAT to have them there. Allie loves Grandma Glo and Papa Ro, and we love having them every chance we get. My dad is a fabulous chef, so he spoiled us with some of his specialities. Allie got some fun things for her birthday, and is so excited to finally be three like her best friend Abby. Now they get to go to ballet class together which starts next week. Stay tuned for pictures from that adventure. She also gets to go to Sunbeams at church, and as long as she manages to keep her dress down from over her head she'll get to stay. ;) I love my little girl so much, and am so grateful for what a good person she is, how sweet she is to her sister Lily, and how fun she is to have in our family.

Who needs a plate when you can just have the whole cake?


I'll admit, I'm a little nervous about Allie's career path if she continues to wear this ensemble she got from Grandma Glo.

Lily playing with streamers and Papa.Papa and the Birthday Girl!

Who Dat?

I thought that this picture was pretty crazy, (The lookalike is some Filipino guy I guess...) and it kind of reminded me of a board game that Danny and I thought of a few years ago. Everyone knows the classic game Guess Who? But did you ever notice that the game is sort of ethnically challenged and there are really only white people in the game? Well we wanted to come up with a game for African Americans to play, and we decided we'd call it Who Dat? Ok so trust me, we're not racist (rapists for you Carrie!!) but really quite the opposite. "Does yo brotha have a do-rag?"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Logic of a Three Year Old

Allie: Daddy I saw a bee at the pool! (Allie is deathly afraid of all things bug)
Danny: Oh Allie, I love bees, they make honey!
Allie: Honey??
Danny: Yup! Like the kind in our honey bear.
Allie: Oh! I like ladybugs cause they make cereal.
Danny and Lindsay: Uhhhhh hahaha ok....?
Allie: And I like ants cause they make pancakes!

San Xavier Mission

While we were down in Tucson we went to the San Xavier Mission which I'd been dying to see ever since we moved here. It is a beautiful church that was built in the 1700's and the architecture is just amazing. The inside is clear full of original wall paintings. I took a few pictures inside but really none of them turned out very well. We arrived at the perfect time of day to take pictures, and Allie had fun running around posing for me. :) Thanks Danny for dealing with rush hour traffic to take us there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tombstone!! Oh wait, no.... The Tucson Zoo

So a few days after Christmas we set out for a road trip to go to Tombstone, to get our fill of the wild west, and instead cut the trip short and stopped in Tucson and just ended up going to the zoo there instead. We had a blast. It's a TINY zoo compared to the Phoenix zoo, but we really loved it. My favorite part was the polar bears, because they were HUGE and so playfull and fun to watch. Everything else we'd seen at the zoo here in Phoenix but it was still fun to go check out a new zoo.
Polar Bears!
Giraffe (duh, ok I'll stop labeling the obvious)

Merry Christmas!!! 2008

Rewind 6 weeks ago, pretend it is the day after Christmas, and you are anxiously anticipating reading my blog update, nearly as much as you were looking forward to opening up your own Christmas presents. I know it's a little belated, or a lot, depending on how much you expect from me as a blogger... but I'll try to make my blog post at least a little more exciting then the way you felt after opening up your stocking and finding tube socks.
We had a great Christmas this year as always. On Christmas Eve Danny read the girls The Night Before Christmas and we got them off to bed. Allie had been learning the story of baby Jesus, so she got to tell us her version of it. She's got the basics down. The next morning Allie was up quite early and she had to stay in her room until we turned on the Christmas song, which is a specific Manheim Steameroller song that Danny loves, can't ever remember the name but we blasted the song and she came running out. Lily joined us as well all though she wasn't quite as anxious of course.
Lily and Daddy on Christmas Eve

Lily checking out her stockingAllie checking out her stocking
Cute girls ready to open up their presents!
Allie and her new bike. I kid you not, she rode this bike around our house the ENTIRE day, and for the next several days for that matter, but prying her off that thing to open up more presents was a bit of a task. She wanted to take it with her to take her nap. I made her park it at the edge of her bed. I know. I'm mean.

Allie got a ton of dress ups for Christmas, and she was thrilled about it. This book she's looking at is what my sister in law gave me for Christmas. It's a book with pictures of Allie and her cousins, mostly of Libby, Allie's favorite person on the planet. I LOOOOOVE IT!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!