Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The randomness of it all

Do you ever just have a bunch of pictures that you want to post, and they probably don't have anything to do with each other but you still want to post them all? Well it's one of those days. Some of these are taken from my phone, so they're not awesome, but you get the point.

Lily and her cousin sharing a stroller ride. This picture is pretty funny because it's very telling of their individual personalities. Mayumi alert and ready for action, with no time to sleep. If you are familiar with Mayumi's mother you probably would know that's where she gets this from. Then there's Lily, laid back, sleeping enjoying their little snuggle.

Here's Sponge Bob and "Dolly" enjoying some carrots together. This just cracked me up. Hilary and I were hanging out and Allie was puttering around as usual and got some of the furniture from her doll house and was playing out in the family room with them. She just makes us laugh.

Here is Allie and her little friends from down the street. She LOVES playing with dressups with them and asks to play with them about 17 times a day.

It's always fun going through your memory card and finding a 'surprise' picture. I love these two!

This was taken a couple of months ago, I don' think I ever posted. Allie came out of her room wearing 7 pairs of panties.

Libby (almost 2), Lily (4 days), Paisley (3 months), and Allie (2 1/2) We sure miss these cute cousins! Move here already you guys!

I now understand what my mom used to always say about it making her so happy when us kids were nice to each other. I love seeing these two interact, and Allie just loves Lily.

So Danny seems to really enjoy hassling me about the fact that I never post any pictures of myself on here, so as I'm sitting here posting pictures he grabbed his guitar and said that he was going to sing until I posted a picture of myself. I'm going to post a picture, but at the same time I secretly typed the lyrics so that way you can see for yourself what a weirdo he is. Allie loves hearing him sing, and was dancing around which only encouraged him.

Daddy is sad, Mommy is sad, Allie is sad and Lily is sad, oh let me tell you the story of why Daddy's gonna cry like a log, because of Mommy's blog. She wont post a picture, its like a boa constrictor that's eating my heart. And I'm about to start to cry and do you know why? Because of that blog. But maybe, daddy could be happy and mommy could be happy and allie could be happy and lily could be happy oh its not so slappy like dogs are lappy this song is sappy and birds go flappy and i'm so strappy.

At this point Lily woke up thanks to Danny's guitar playing, so he had to go get her. So here you go babe. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lily Lou - 9 Weeks

Well Lily's growing so fast, and I haven't really made the time to take that many pictures, so that's just what I did today. She has been smiling like crazy lately, but today she was in more of a serious mood, so we'll have to hope for some smiling pictures later. You'd think after the 5 1/2 hour long nap she took today she'd be happy as can be, but not so. I feel like I report on Allie so much on my blog, that I wanted to give a little shout out to Lily and tell you a little about her. We've been enjoying seeing her little personality come out. She is a fairly laid back baby, much more so than Allie was. She is very patient, and tolerates a lot of attention from her big sister. She is a great sleeper for only two months, and is starting to make those cute little baby sounds. Danny swears she said "daddy" the other day. :) She loves to be snuggled, but is also pretty content just hanging out in her bouncer or on the couch. It's great to have her around. It seems like we have a real official family now, now that there's four of us, and we really couldn't be happier. She is just an angel and we love her so much!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cruisin' to Micky Dees

So I was pulling into McDonalds last night to meet a friend and her kids, and saw this funny site. A golf-cart sitting there in the parking lot. Ok, that in and of itself really isn't all that odd. There are about 17,000 golf carts in AZ, everyone golfs, so why not drive your golf cart around. Save on gas. But what really struck me as odd was how there was a child's car seat sitting shot-gun. That HAS to be illegal on all sorts of levels, and it just kind of cracked me up. As I was taking a picture, a rediculously OLD hunched over man and what seemed to be his great-great-great-great-great granddaughter showed up and climbed into the cart and took off. American flag waving in the wind. His patriotism on display, along with his disregard for his loved ones safety.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learning to swim

If anybody has any tips on teaching somone to swim, let me know. Allie is doing pretty good, we're making gradual progress. She will put her head under the water for a second or two, and kind of blows bubbles. But I'm having a hard time teaching her how to start floating, or kicking evenly enough to actually keep her afloat. Has anyone actually taught swimming lessons, or gone to their kids lessons and learned anything that might help us? If your suggestion involes removing the crab goggles (They're apparantly called 'joggles') then forget about it. They are her favorite.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Phoenix Zoo

A couple of weeks ago we went to this event going on at the Phoenix Zoo that was in the evening, so it was much cooler and easier for us to go. When I say 'much cooler' I mean it may have possibly been under 100 degrees, but I doubt it. Basically the sun was starting to go down, so that made it more enjoyble. It is a beautiful place, and unlike the zoo in Utah there isn't all of the smelly indoor cages and things because it's obviously warm enough for them all year round. I've never been really all that into zoos, would go once a year or so, but this place is way cool, and we're planning on getting memberships. Yay for the zoo! I know you're dying to see some pictures. Who wouldn't be?

They have this monkey house where you actually go inside the cages and the monkeys are jumping from tree to tree right over your head, and they are so cute!
Why are the babies always so cute??!! I have always loved the orangutans. These ones were extra cute for some reason.Neither Danny or I had ever seen a giraffe run before, but these ones were seriously chasing the other animals around this field. It was crazy. I have a video of it I'll post one of these days. Those things can seriously run fast.Danny has a really hard time not just being adorable. I keep asking him to stop because people stop to stare at him all the time because he's just so cute. Lily had a great time. This is what she did from the time we left until we arrived home. She can't stop talking about the great time she had.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Party at my house!

Ok so get this. I still can't actually believe that this happened... but we moved about six weeks ago, right? And our house has been sitting vacant with the occasional buyer going in to see it here and there. We had an offer made before we moved, but they backed out sadly, but luckily we had another offer come in shortly there after. Bad news is that they are royally screwing us over, but that is beside the point. The good news is that we close on it this week, and we never have to think about it, and making two house payments, again. Anyway so apparantly last weekend there was a party at our house. Yes you read that right. A party. At our VACANT house in Utah. We are not certain WHO actually threw the party, how they got in, and WHY they thought that it would be ok to do so. All I know is that my neighbor called me saying that two other neighbors reported to her that they saw people going in and out all night long with kegs and what not. If any of you readers out there were at my house last weekend, BREAKING AND ENTERING mind you, I hope you had a good time. You could have at least invited us!

Laundry Day

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Heart New York

My sister Hilary is visiting this week and has brought along her DARLING daughter Mayumi who is three weeks older than Lily. My mom bought all three girls these shirts to wear together, so here are some pictures of these three adorable little people. Allie is enjoying having another baby around the house, that's for sure. She is on "Pacifier Patrol" all day long, and is constantly running around making sure that the right baby has the right pacifier. Very cute. Thanks Mom for the shirts, we heart you and wish you were here!