Friday, July 25, 2008


Last weekend we went to a cute little town north of Scottsdale called Carefree. It's got one of the largest sundials in the world, which was pretty cool. (see picture) While we were there we went to a cowboy music show, which was extremely entertaining. We stopped along the way to take in some of the sites. I am just loving this beautiful desert scenery, it is amazing. We really feel like we're going to be happy here, and can invision staying here for a while. We certainly are missing our friends and family back in Utah, but this is a new adventure for us, and we are thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life before the Internet

I do not know how people functioned before the Internet was invented. Same with cell phones. But anyway it's taken us forever to get our Internet hooked up here but now that it is I feel like life can now go on. The cable guy was maybe out the door 7 seconds before I was already getting online.

So we moved, and everything went quite smoothly. We love our new place. Our house is probably half the size of our old one, but honestly it's just fine. Makes it easier to keep track of where this crazy two year old that thinks she runs the place is. The house itself is really cute, three bedrooms, which is all we need. There are two parks within a 2 minute walk that we know of so far, and we go swimming just about every day. We are really loving it here so far. I love how warm it is, and honestly I thought that moving here in the summer sounded crazy but it really isn't that bad. It is so beautiful, I LOVE all the palm trees and desert plants. Gorgeous.

So I'll post a few pictures of what we've been up to. We're adjusting well to having two kids. Sometimes its so crazy we just look at each other and say "what were we thinking?!?!" But we adore our new little Lily, and life just wouldn't be as great without her. So far she's a much better sleeper than Allie was, which is huge. And she just has such a sweet little disposition.
Ok, now for some pictures:

Allie and Lily in the tub. I tried to post the most modest shot I could find.

Allie used to push her stuffed animals around in this stroller. Now she's got a new baby sister to play with.

Allie adores her new little sister. She is constantly hovering over her, or climbing on top of her, or kissing her. Lily doing what she does best. Being cute, and sleeping.We have this mirror that covers an entire wall, and Allie is constantly dancing in front of it, singing and posing.