Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Trip

We went to Phoenix for a few days, in search of warmth and some adventure, and we certainly found it. We had a great time, although from the pictures I took it looks like we didn't really go anywhere other than this duck pond. It was the highlight of the trip for Allie anyway.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A random thing to do...

So this last weekend we did an interesting thing. They were having a Deal or No Deal audition in Salt Lake, and my brother in law is the Events Coordinator over at KSL, the NBC station, so he was in charge of running this thing. He asked if we wanted to run a snack booth, which of course we took him up on. I mean, why not? So Danny, his brother and mom, and I served snacks to the masses all day long. Danny and his brother went over and started selling around 5pm the night before, stayed there all night long, and then his mom and I showed up Saturday morning and we went strong all day long. They had like 12,500 people there to audition (which we found out took a total of like 20 seconds), which was the highest turnout for one of these things, and it was a lot of fun. People camped out all night which was crazy, but it seemed like quite the party all night long. Luckily it was the nicest day we've had yet here in Utah this year, so we didn't freeze. None of us went in for the audition, instead of getting a chance to win the million we just gladly took home our snack earnings and called it a day.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Suckfest 2008

Alright well I was tagged by my favorite cousin to list 20 reasons why I suck. I have a feeling this is going to be pretty easy, so here I go.

1. I am indecisive. I once spent nearly 20 minutes trying to decide what kind of hot dogs to get for a family BBQ, and about 17 times during that 20 minutes I acknowledged to myself how pathetic I was, but yet I still just really couldn't decide. The healthy kind? The big fat ones? The cheap ones? The ones with cheese in them? Come on! Too many choices! I should start shopping at 7-eleven where your options aren't quite so endless.

2. I like to exercise, and I need to exercise, but I'm not good at sticking with it long term. Back in high school it was easy because I was in sports all year round, and that's fun. But going to the gym on a regular basis just has been really hard for me. I'll be good and go for like 6 weeks, then I'll take 6 months off. Not good. But my goal is to get back to my weight that I was in college by the end of the year. Unfortunately I'm on the "pound a week plan" and that's gaining, not losing, but come August when the baby is here and I'm ready to get going I swear I'm going to be better.

3. I drink too much soda. I'm trying to be good right now at least avoiding caffeine, but I'm bad.

4. I'm bad at saving money. I used to be so good at this, but I've become really bad. I'm working on it though.

5. I'm deathly afraid of public speaking. The other day I was asked to say the opening prayer at Enrichment (that's a Mormon thing for those of you who are like wtf?) and I actually got really nervous knowing that 100+ people were going to be staring at me, even though they're supposed to be closing their eyes I know they were all staring.

6. I watch too much T.V. I'm addicted to several shows right now, and I swear I watch T.V. every single night.

7. I can't be completely happy living in Utah. There are a lot of things that I love about this place, but the fact that it's not sunny all day every single day like Hawaii just makes it hard for me to really call this place home. It's a great place, really, so many great friends and family, but the beach is calling...

8. I bite my fingernails.

9. My favorite foods are cookies, french fries, and cheese.

10. I'm mean to Allie. I only let her have one juice box at play-date today and she was furious. But we were at the park, and she's still potty training. I had my reasons.

11. I don't recycle. I'm from Oregon and I don't recycle. (side note: just this week I started but can't claim success on it just yet.)

12. I waste a lot of time. I am unbelievably busy today, yet here I am writing about all the reasons why I suck, when I really need to start printing these 150 t-shirts.

13. I pretend that I don't know how to use the DVD player so that way Danny will put the movies in.

14. I'm bad at calling people back.

15. I have a strange immune system. When I get a cold I keep it for like 4 months. It's very strange. I think I need to be a bubble-boy. That is a girl. A bubble-girl.

16. I burp, which I realize isn't the most feminine thing to do, but I just can't help it. Probably related to #3 on this list. Danny is much more polite than I am, he never burps.

17. I copy people a lot...I never think of cool things first! --- This is so true that I literally copied and pasted that statement straight from my cousins blog. That's how bad I am. But really though I try to be creative and do artsy things but it's only after seeing someone else do it.

18. I am really bad at math. But it's OK because Danny is a human calculator. I'm always like "what's 4+7" and he always knows. I bet you right now if i asked him what 57 x 32 was he could do it in his head.

19. I like to gamble. Nothing too serious, don't worry, just a little black jack here and there... Good thing we live in Utah.

20. I can't say the word "statistic" on my first try.

OK well there you have it. Some things about me that you may or may have not known, but now you do. I'm going to tag some people here... let's see how about: Katie, Leslie, CB, Jody, and Liz. None of you suck whatsoever, but it's kind of a fun way to find out some obscure things about each other.