Friday, November 30, 2007

Word Verification? One of life's greatest mysteries... to me.

Can anyone explain to me what the point of word verification is for? Whenever I leave a message on someones blog, or reply to certain emails through eBay, or make airline reservations, or do a number of different things online many sites ask for a word verification. I just don't get it. Is it to avoid some sort of fraud? Like if some bad person was using your credit card, or even worse, your blogger ID (dum dum dummmm) to cause some mischief would they be unable to type the proper letters in for the word verification? On eBay, the message they place above it is: "In our ongoing efforts to make eBay as safe as possible, we have added this security precaution to prevent inappropriate use of our site. This isn't your password and won't change your account information." I just don't see how typing in a few random letters helps anything! Is it because identity thieves cannot decipher gibberish?

Please someone, if there is a simple answer to this I'd love to hear it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cute Cousins

This is Allie and her cousin Libby who is 7 months younger. Libby, or "Ibby" as Allie is starting to call her is one of Allie's favorite people on this planet. We all just went out to lunch and Allie and Libby were in the back seat having an in debth conversation about Daddy and Elmo. They are both so cute and we love having Libbers (and Tommy and Jamie of course!) live so close by.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

7 Things I have Learned about Danny

GUEST BLOGGER!!! Lindsay does not know that I am posting this

7 Things I have Learned about Lindsay:

Yes This is Lindsay's everloving husband Danny, and I have decided to reveal seven secrets that I have learned about Lindsay since we have been married:

1. Lindsay is a perfect wife. You could not ask for a better wife. She loves me so much and is always finding new ways to show it. She is sweet, fun, funny, gorgeous, patient, and my best friend.

2. Lindsay knows what she wants. I have never met anyone who knows what she wants and just works till she gets it. When she has her mind set on something she is determined and it is a beautiful thing to watch. She wanted to start a business, we started a business. She wanted to learn photography, she bought a camera and enrolled in classes. She knew we needed a better house, in a matter of hours our house was on the market and we were looking for a new one.

3. You may have thought you met a patient person, but Lindsay is the MOST patient person I have ever met. There are so many reasons she could lose her patience with Allie and I but she doesn't. She is so good to roll with the punches (no I don't hit her) and deal with situations with poise and control.

4. Lindsay is deathly afraid of public speaking. Every time she's been asked to speak in church she gets no sleep, and you can see when she starts sweating, I mean glowing, that it is on her mind.

5. Lindsay is 10 years old at heart. Lindsay still enjoys Nancy Drew, a cabbage patch doll made for her years ago, has a pair of Phoenix Suns boxer shorts, LOVES brownies and milk, she watches Spongebob Squarepants, can't turn left on a bike (LOL) refuses to say grown up words for certain parts of the anatomy, and is the most loyal friend on the planet.

6. Lindsay is absolutely beautiful in every way. From head to toe. Her personality, her smile, and have you seen her butt?

7. Lastly, That I love her more than anything in this world.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tagged... Time to learn more about ME!

I was tagged by Leslie to share 7 random facts about myself. She is curious to know if there is anything she doesn't know about me... I doubt I can come up with anything but I'll try. Please excuse the dorky picture of me but I figured I should post a picture and this is actually the only recent one I could find.

1. I have a strange obsession with NBA basketball. It started 18 years ago when I suddenly realized that I liked and was pretty good at playing basketball, and found out that there was a professional team right there in the great state of Oregon! So I became a huge Blazer fan, and have followed them closely ever since. Since they invented NBA League Pass I've subscribed every year, and 82 nights of the year, (yes, that's eighty-two) Danny and I arrange our social schedule around the Blazers' basketball games. We've said many times that its a good thing the majority of the games are in the winter so we don't want to go outside anyway... Also it's a good thing I was able to convert Danny to being a Blazer fan... or else one of them would have to go. :) j/k.

2. If there was one thing that I could choose to be good at I would choose to be artistic. I have ALWAYS wished that I had even half the artistic ability that my siblings have. Monique and Andy got it, Hilary and I didn't. I can't paint, sculpt, or even doodle. Danny always jokes that when I draw a heart it looks like a liver. Even Allie can draw better circles then me. Hilary did once sell a painting of a raccoon to an old (yes probably half blind) lady. It was a pretty good painting...

3. I like to read, although I don't really have a lot of time to do it these days. I don't really read to gain any sort of amazing insight on life, I don't really like reading anything political, or philosophical, I just like to read purely for entertainment. The longest book I ever read was that 900 page Harry Potter book, but my all time favorite series is Nancy Drew. I know, I feel like I'm 10 just admitting it. But Danny is always bringing them home for me and I just love reading them. They are simple, interesting, predictable, (so I don't have to spend too much time actually concentrating) and quite enjoyable. Pick one up at your local library. Now I sound like Lavar Burton on Reading Rainbow... "you don't' take my word for it..."

4. I am a member of D.P.A. Dr. Pepper Anonymous. I am an addict, and I know it. They need to develop a patch.

5. I am told that I am a very fast chewer, but slow eater. I never realized this before my roommate at the time, and now sister-in-law Molly pointed it out that apparently I chew like a chipmunk. At the same time, I'm extremely slow in actually finishing a meal. Whenever Danny and I eat he is always completely finished by the time I've taken three bites. Three extremely well chewed bites though!

6. I sleep walk, sleep talk, and sleep drive. One time in college I actually got in my car and drove to the Laie shopping center and parked out in front of Foodland. Sure it was only about 1/2 of a mile away but I was dead asleep and woke up who knows how much later and nearly peed my pants I was so freaked out I'd actually done that.

7. I have some random possibly made up disease possibly not made up disease that whenever I see/think/hear about anything even remotely gruesome, bloody, or painful, I instantly get sick, sometimes dizzy, sometimes nauseous, and have sometimes even passed out. I passed out in Wal Mart when I got my ear pierced. Nearly passed out when I got my belly button pierced. I had to lay down on the cold tile for like 15 minutes. I passed out in 7th grade Jewelry class when the teacher discussed what would happen if you got the jewelry saw stuck in your hand, and I kid you not as I am writing this I am suddenly feeling kind of queasy. Ok, end of discussion.

Ok well there you have it. A small peek into my quirks. I will now tag... Carrie, Mical, Emily, Jamie, Monique, Meghan and Sarah. So basically everyone on my blog list! I'm only leaving out people that I know Leslie also tagged, so don't feel like I don't like you. Yay for you all! No pressure... I didn't actually respond to Leslie's challenge for a couple of weeks. I need to be a better blogger.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My New Administrative Assistant

If for no better reason then to put some distance between the beginning of this blog, and that hideous picture of me with Allie on Halloween, I figured it was time to leave a post. What a crazy week this has been for me, and last week. It's just been full of making t-shirts of course, yard work (leaves EVERYWHERE), having my parents here visiting which was fun, and working on a new business that Danny and I are setting up. Since I've been getting busier, I decided to start hiring some people, and here is my newest employee.

So far things are working out great with her. She answers all my calls, responds to emails, and works for fruit snacks. That's my kind of worker. If you do happen to reach her when you call, be prepared to have a conversation about Doggies, Mama, Daddy, Milk and Snacks. Those are her favorite topics.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Yesterday as you know was Halloween and Allie certainly enjoyed it. We took her trick-or-treating around the block, and since she can't quite say "trick-or-treat" she just said "snack" and then "bye-bye." She was a hit. All day long anyone that saw her commented on how cute our little chicken was. We went over to Danny's office and they had a huge Halloween thing going on over there, everything was just all decorated and tons of candy and everything. Go eBay!

Sunday Allie's cousin Libby came over and we took some pictures of the girls in their costumes together.