Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shark Cages!

Ok so for Danny's birthday we did the shark cages again and this time it was way cooler than last time. First of all, the sharks were all several feet bigger than the ones we saw last time, and we saw a baracuda which was really neat, and there was a jelly fish in the cage with us! All this just added to the danger and excitement. :) I did get totally sick on the boat, but it was worth it and we had a great time.

So what they do is take you out 3 miles in to the ocean to this spot where they used to have a bunch of fishing boats, so the sharks got used to coming around the boats anytime they heard a motor because they could get some fish. So now they go out there, drop this cage off the back end of the boat, stick you in there with a snorkel, and start throwing bits of fish off the boat til the sharks come swarming around you. It's really cool, and the first few minutes its kind of freaky but soon you are able to relax and they come up so close to you. Last time i reached through the cage and touched one but this time it was a little choppier in the water and we were moving around a lot more so I figured it would be best to stay inside the cage. Really cool though, do it next time you go to Hawaii!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Allie and I went to the pumpkin patch to pick out her pumpkin. We had a ward party last night so we had to get one at the last minute. She had a great time, other then when she got scared by a talking vampire with red eyes. He scared me too.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Take a chance on me!

Please tell me you guys saw this episode, I just about died. I think Angela liked it. She needs something good to happen, after the whole Sprinkles catastrophe. By the way, shame on all of you for not telling me how awesome Heroes is. I watched Season One while I was in Hawaii and I'm totally hooked!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back from da kine

Ok well we are back. We got back late Sunday night, and had a blast!! We needed that vacation so bad, and we just had so much fun. We stayed at Danny's parents house, and they took such good care of us. Allie got to spend a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Stansfield while Danny and I got to do our own thing, then we'd take all the kids to the beach to play. We went to the shark cages for Danny's birthday, those pictures will get posted once the underwater camera gets developed. Ok here we go... This first picture is of us on the Ali'i Kai Catamaran, which I used to work on with Danny's brother (top right). Clockwise starting with Danny, Allie, Me, Molly (Danny's sister, my college roomate, her family lives in Laie), Sa (being distracted by the waitress), Nate, Elise, Mom & Dad Stansfield. It was really fun going back on the boat, since its been several years since I worked there.

We went out on the deck and Allie got quite windblown which was cute, and I was just glad she didn't end up like the guy on the sign behind her. Who falls like that? Seriously!

Danny and I and Allie on the Ali'i Kai. It's a dinner cruise, and I danced hula and was a cocktail waitress. I got to wear a mumu. It was really ugly... I'll have to dig up a picture of me in it one of these days.

Allie playing at the beach. She loved it. We had to pull her out because she kept running in too far and and did several face plants in the water but she didn't care, just got up, spit out the water, and kept going. She had to keep up with her cousins!

We took all the kids to the Waikiki Aquarium one day, they all loved it. We got to see all kinds of cool stuff, and that means a lot coming from me who isn't much of a fish person. It was just fun seeing Allie get really excited.

Molly has such amazing kids. We had so much fun with them, and if I wasn't deathly afraid of her karate skills I would have kidnapped all four of them. I'm hoping they move to Utah soon, I need to see them more than once a year.

Here's Danny being awesome. He is a blackbelt in Tai Qwan Do, so that's why I never mess with him.

Here is Eli running out in the ocean, and then the five cousins at the beach. If you haven't noticed... we spent a lot of time at the beach. :)

So funny classic Hawaii story...Danny cut his foot really bad while we were having dinner at Crouching Lion one night, so we went to Kahuku Hospital to get him checked out. When we walked up there was this guy loitering outside and I was thinking he was either going to attack us, or break into our car. Later, Danny told me he thought he was going to ask us for money.... anyway so we went in, got him all signed in and when the doctor showed up it was the 'bum' we saw outside the hospital! Aaaah! It was pretty funny. I think he must have been drunk because other than the totally shabby appearance and not shaving for 3 days, he clearly didn't know what he was doing, dropping his tools on the ground and everything while he was working on Danny's foot. He gave him some mysterious "numbing medicine" he called it, which did nothing, I think it was probably Kool Aid or something, and then basically took a chainsaw to Danny's foot. Poor guy. He's doing ok though now. Anyway... there is plenty more to tell but I'll save that for another time. Blogging is hard work.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If anybody needs me...

...I'll be in Hawaii! Yep, we're taking off at 4:30 tomorrow morning for a much needed vacation. We are going for Danny's birthday, and because it snowed here last weekend and that is just no fun at all. Allie Brooke is looking forward to playing with her cousins, and Danny and I are excited to do some of our favorite Hawaii stuff. Last year when we went we just relaxed and did nothing, which was great, but this year we are ready for action, and plan on doing a lot of hiking, snorkling, swimming, and da kine. ;) We're going to see if we can fit in another trip to the shark cages, if so I'll get an underwater camera so I can post some pictures. Or, I'll just post pictures from when we did it 5 years ago, and you'll never know the difference. I'm just that sneaky. Anybody who needs anything fun brought back from Hawaii just send me an email or a text or something with your requests. Have a fun week everyone and I'll see if I can get on midway during the trip and post some exciting news. We'll be staying with Danny's parents so it should be pretty easy to get online at some point.