Friday, September 28, 2007

This is no time for joking gigantic turkey sub!

It's a busy day here at Shibby Shirts World Headquarters, and there is just one thing that is helping me get through it. Every couple of hours or so, I watch this, and it makes me happy again. Thanks Danny for finding this!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Great Basement Remodel of '07

Ok so I've been meaning to post pictures of Carrie's and my triumphant paint/tile job on my basement of my new house. We did it a couple of weeks ago but I've been a little slow in getting these up. I wasn't even a blogger while we were doing it, so look how far I've come! So basically the story starts like this. Once upon a time Lindsay, Danny, and Allie moved into a house that they loved, however the basement (which is also Lindsay's office, Allie's playroom, and a family room, etc.) was totally ugly. Ok well some people might like it, for example the people who lived here before us, but we didn't. Two colors of green paint, seperated by a lovely floral border
paper (bleh!) and green tile around the fireplace that matched neither color of paint or color of wall paper. So one day Carrie was over and I was talking about how much I hated it when she volunteered to help me re-do it. Thus began a week of 3 hour trips to home depot, painting, tiling, sledgehammering holes in the wall, and a great deal of learning. Neither of us had ever taken on a tiling project on our own so it was way fun, and now we feel we can conquer anything. (Except for Carrie moving. :(:(:( I have to cry myself to sleep.) Keep in mind, no decorating has been done yet in the whole house, and in this picture of the grand finale I've taken out the part of the room that my office takes up, because it is a D I S A S T E R. But basically we painted the walls a nice warm gray color, and then two accent walls in chocolate brown. Carrie painted the mantel, and the tiling is many colors, including the colors of the walls, carpet, etc. It looks rad. :) Thanks Carrie for everything!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Great Salt Lake 'aint so great

So Sunday afternoon there wasn't a whole lot going on here at the Stansfield house, so we decided to go on a road trip. A 15 mile road trip. We realized that although we live right here in Salt Lake City, (ok Sandy) , that we've never really been to the Great Salt Lake. Sure we've driven past the Salt Flats on an occasional trip to Wendover, but never had we experienced our cities namesake. So we headed out I-80 to Saltair, which I never really knew much about but learned a lot about it in the coloring book I found in the gift shop. It's kind of a cool old building, which used to be some fabulous resort. We walked out on the salt flats to where the lake began and basically it couldn't have been a bigger let down. It smelled, we almost stepped on a fish carcass, and I can't even possibly imagine anyone wanting to actually swim in that thing. Oh well, we actually had a really great time, Allie enjoyed 'running' out to the lake, and we had some salt water taffy which is always a bonus. Danny entertained us by throwing rocks while doing it in the most gayest possible way ever, it was REALLY funny.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Stansfield Look-alike Meter

Wow, Allie looks like both of us, says the 'experts' at the Heritage Look-alike Meter. I guess I was hoping for something a little more definitive. Unfortunatly we will just have to enjoy her cuteness while it lasts. According to the anaylists at Dave and Busters Hawaii, this is what she will look like in a few years. And if she ever has a brother, he could use a haircut. (photos generated in 2001).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You don't gnome me!

This morning i was out playing with Allie in her sandbox, digging for treasures, when the friendly vibration of my blackberry notified me that I had an email. I was so happy to see it was from my Leslie. Lesbino. Lesbian, L, the list of nicknames goes on. Anyway the text of the email said: "Lindsay, was this you?!?!" and the following article was attached.

Dopey Thieves Steal Woman's Dwarfs
2 days ago
FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Some dopey thieves snatched and grabbed several of Sue Austin's seven dwarfs. "I'm thinking it's just some kids," said the Flint Township resident, who is offering a "no questions asked" reward for the return of the statues.
Stolen from Austin's display are Grumpy, a 2 1/2-foot concrete statue, along with Snow White, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey. On Sunday, following an anonymous tip to Austin, Dopey was found in a front yard in nearby Davison Township.
Each statue weighs more than 200 pounds, which might be why the thieves decided to leave behind Sleepy, Happy and Doc, The Flint Journal recently reported.
Austin said she saw a similar display about 10 years ago and liked it so much that her husband bought the statues.
Information from: The Flint Journal,

Now, there was a time that I have been known to participate in such fun and games, but Leslie, this time I have no idea what you're talking about! Oh, by the way, check out this picture of me at Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Pressure!

Ok I did it, ok? I created a blog. Here I am, writing in my blog. I'm a blogger. Basically the only reason why I'm doing this is because everyone else is doing it. I'm tired of people telling me to get a blog already. So now I have. I certainly see the benefits of having a blog. One can post pictures, stories, life changing events, etc, to share with the whole world, so I guess that's what I'll use this for. I don't think I'll get as addicted to it as my best friend Carrie though. In order to come up with more interesting blogs, she has decided to join the Air Force. It has nothing to do with her lifelong goal to become a doctor, or to serve her country, or to do something really interesting and travel the world (or Texas), it is solely to impress us all with her wild tales of boot camp and the excitement of Military life. She is pretty extreme when it comes to her blog. BTW I am very proud of my CB. Anyway to start off with, I'll just keep this simple. I'm not really sure about the ins and outs of blogging so I'm going to just see if I can figure out to post a picture of my family. So with out further adieu, I give you the adorable love of my life Danny, our angel Allie Brooke, and me. :) Allie is not looking overjoyed in this picture but it's the most recent one I have, taken last week.